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So how can I get free baby stuff?

We have all, at one time, played a game on our computer such as on Facebook, entered competitions to win free gifts,

watched videos on YouTube and so on..... imagine if you were to do these things AND get free baby stuff in return?

This is exactly what happens by following these simple steps :


Fill out a very small form requiring :

*  Your username

*  A password

*  An email address

After you have created your free account, check your email inbox and verify the email you will have received.

This activates your account!


You get free baby stuff by completing quick tasks. These earn you points which are redeemed for anything on Amazon.

The more points you earn the more free stuff you can have.

Join today and you will receive 250 points as a welcome gift!

Click the icon circled to start earning more!

 STEP 3:

Scroll down the page a little until you see some videos as shown circled.

Click on the video and watch it - 2 points will be added to your account instantly giving you a total of 252 points.

Now that was easy. You can now spend your points or get some more if you like.

There are hundreds of things to do on the site and you can earn points fast!

To use your points to get free baby stuff simply click the "SPEND POINTS" button in the top left of your screen.

From here you can search all of Amazons stock. Every item will have a points value (instead of cash).

When you make your order one of the sites many Administrators will make the purchase from Amazon using your points.

Once Amazon have received this order you will be notified and your free item will be in the mail!

Even the shipping fees are free, paid for with your points too.